Reebok Tabs Cardi B and Her Nails For Its Latest Campaign
DeVante Parks

Reebok and Grammy Award-winning rapper, Cardi B have released their latest collaboration, a short film entitled, “Nails,” in which Cardi appears alongside a crew of salon regulars who all embrace surreal moments as she rocks Reebok’s Club C sneaker.

Cardi’s nails steal the show, as her freakishly long claws are hands down the most eye-catching look of the short film.

For the collaboration, Reebok redesigned its signature “Sport The Unexpected” platform to match the over-the-top campaign aesthetic.

As if being a bomb artist, mother, and Grammy Award-winner wasn’t enough, Cardi B is living proof that you, too are in charge of your own destiny and that there is nothing wrong with challenging the status quo.

Check out Reebok’s very entertaining “Nails” campaign above and at !

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