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Stunning Prom Dress Pays Homage To Erykah Badu, Angela Davis, and Lauryn Hill

Aishamanne Williams wore a custom gown to prom emblazoned with Black women she loves! 

Aishamanne Williams wore a custom gown to prom that represented those who inspire her to be who she is: Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Angela Davis.

The 17-year-old high school senior collaborated with her friend’s mother, Donna Weekes, and schoolmate, Nyiesha Mallett, to create her vision. The white gown with illustrations of Hill, Badu, and Davis won Williams, “Best Dressed” at prom. Williams told Teen Vogue, “Honoring inspirational, radical, unapologetically honest black women was important to me.

Prom is a highlight of high school, the pictures last forever, and there isn’t a better opportunity to also celebrate who you’ve become and pay homage to those that influence you — which is exactly what Williams did. And her ability to do so in a creative way is inspiring. 

Teenagers, such as Williams and Skylar Branch, are challenging the views of a traditional prom dress. Prom night is memorable and what they wore should bring about positive reminicents.  This also guarantees that no one else will show up to the dance with the same dress.