The Italian fashion house, Prada and the industry-leading athleisure brand Adidas have joined forces to start a new collaborative journey. The new partnership is said to “investigate the realms of heritage, technology, and innovation.” Through an unexpected partnership, the two houses challenge what can be created through unexpected strategies.

In an era where luxe fashion houses are collaborating with streetwear brands, this collab is not far-fetched from what is becoming the new norm. Collaborating instead of harshly trying to compete with labels who are bringing in the ideal audience and profit results in slightly affordable attire and limited-edition pieces. Both Prada and Adidas are said to be experts in each of its fields so together, the brands will approach different facets of technical design evolution. This collaboration is built on a fusion of fashion and performance. Adidas hold on athleisure and its visionary approach to expanding within that space, and Prada’s world-renowned history in leather-goods and perspective on luxury and quality hopefully calls for a lucrative partnership.

The first project from the new partnership with Adidas and Prada will debut this December with two limited edition collections.

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