As a fairly new mom whose only been in this motherhood game for about two years, I’m constantly thinking about my baby boy.

What is he doing right this second? Is he happy? Is he cold? Did he take a good nap? Did he pick up something strange today and eat it before anyone could catch him?

Being a parent is basically this constant stream of thoughts about your little one. Really, loving anyone is this constant that never really goes away. Whether it’s at the front of your mind or softly playing in the background, your loved ones are with you wherever you go.

When I came across influencer, jeweler and all around boss mom Melanie Marie’s personalized name chains I was struck by the range of simple, elegant and bold, in-your-face jewelry for every personality.

I know all about the classic name chains as a native New Yorker, but these were a cut above.

With custom chains that feature up to three names, they offer a way to keep your family and friends close to your heart even when they’re not with you.

If you’re looking for a special piece that’ll represent the love you have for your people, shop below!