Here’s What You Need To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Vacations are perfect for trying out trends that you may or may not wear back at home. Whether it’s a tiny bikini or a fashionably obnoxious floppy hat, your vacay style should always give you the best confidence. The most challenging thing about prepping for your “OOO” trip is the packing. Your outfits depend on where you’re going and what the temperature will be.

If your traveling to the South of France this summer, flowy dresses and kitten heels will fit the European aesthetic or the temperatures in Southeast Asia call for loose-fitting clothes and sandals. No matter what you decide to pack on your next vacation there are a few trendy items that will serve as the perfect statement piece. From seashell earrings to cow print bikinis these trendy items are must-haves.

Below are a few items you need to pack on your next vacation.