Yesterday, Romeo Hunte’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection fuzed together two popular markets, streetwear and business attire to create an orthodox uniform. “It was more like changing our aim from business casual to business street.” Hunte told ESSENCE. “Taking those staple pieces that you wear from day to night, a blazer, denim jacket, collared shirt, and just mixing two different worlds. That’s what I always do every season.”

Hunte is always providing juxtapositions throughout his collections. This season, the collegiate aesthetic was a large inspiration for Spring/Summer. Inspired by a vast variety of college students, Hunte focused on the accessibility of a college look. Although this collection was a unordinary for Hunte, he still brought back staple pieces. “I pay attention to a lot of details, but then again, the same details I really admire and I’ll always bring back,” said the designer. “Like the drawstring and a blazer mixed with denim,” concluded Hunte.

“I’m a Brooklyn boy that just kind of stepped into the industry.” Hunte told ESSENCE.

Hunte is one of the few black designers to showcase his work at NYFW. And while he has managed to land a cult-worthy audience, his journey to being a designer didn’t come easy. “I’m a Brooklyn boy that just kind of stepped into the industry, and I think I’m really fortunate to have great people around me and great people that admire my work.”