When it comes to designing sneakers with a purpose, nobody does it quite like Nike! The athletics giant took the future of sportswear to new heights with the release of their GO FlyEase, the brand’s first hands-free shoe.

We’ve all been in that classic predicament where we’re coming into the house, hands full of grocery bags, and peeling off your shoe with your other foot was the most convenient option. Well, the Nike GO FlyEase is made for that exact purpose (and won’t compromise the quality of the shoe.) The creative engineers behind Nike’s signature designs came up with the idea to create a bi-stable hinge that enables the ease of putting on and taking off the shoe without the need for laces. The shoe’s Kickstand Heel allows you to step on the back of the shoe to release the sneaker from your foot, which then folds upwards to easily allow a swift step-in motion the next time you’re rushing out the door. The shoe’s tensioner band holds the shoe open and closed, snapping the shoe into position. It’s the sneaker you didn’t even know you needed.

Nike’s GO FlyEase also serves a wide range of consumers who are often forgotten about when it comes to sportswear. Nike customers with disabilities or limited ranges of mobility have expressed excitement for the shoe on social media, praising the company for the new hands-free design. “I have an older sister (35) who is disabled and one issue we’ve always found was shoes that can easily go on without looking like a kids shoe but fashionable,” wrote one Twitter user in response to the news.

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The GO FlyEase is a continuation of Nike’s FlyEase technology, which has been used in numerous footwear styles across basketball, running and sportswear. This new style will go on sale February 15th.