New York Fashion Week is a melting pot of all styles coming together to watch arguably the most popular fashion week showdown.

While Paris, London, and Milan bring a unique European crowd, the accessibility of NYFW is unmatched. And, it’s the unannounced capital to hold the most models. If you’re a model searching for work, you may find NYC as the most accessible place to live. From Telfar to Pyer Moss to Gypsy Sport, Nick Wolf has walked them all. The Dallas-bred natural moved to NYC a little over a year ago and has been on a path to supermodel status.

For fashion week, ESSENCE followed Wolf around to check out what his day-to-day entails. Check it out below.

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ESSENCE: What’s your favorite thing about fashion week?

Wolf: My Favorite thing about NYFW is the rush. There’s no break it’s one event to another, one show to another. You have to be mentally prepared to survive NYFW. The fashion, the attitudes, and the gays. 

ESSENCE: How do you manage your time during this crazy fashion season?

Wolf: I manage my time during the season by trying to be as fashionable as possible all the time, because you really never know what can happen or what will come up. You can’t have excuses. I also wake up really early to get my routine out the way so whatever comes I am ready for.

ESSENCE: What was your favorite NYFW show?

Wolf: My favorite show was Christopher John Rogers. The beautiful BLACK Models, the elegance, the class, the hair, and the pieces walking down the runway was just all beautiful.


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