New Wave: Layton Greene Stops By ESSENCE HQ
Photos: Natasha Hatendi

From viral videos uploaded through her social media to her popular “Can’t Leave Em” single, Layton Greene is the new R&B crooner that is on everyone’s playlist. Her sultry midwest charm makes the East St. Louis, Illinois native just as appealing as her touching carols.

Greene is the first R&B artist to be signed to Quality Control which has a star-studded lineup like Migos, Lil Yachty, and Cardi B. “I came out with my first single called “Myself,” and that’s what got the labels calling. I sat down with almost every label and QC reached out through a DM,” expressed Greene. They were the last label I sat with and I knew for a fact that’s where I wanted to be.”

Photos: Natasha Hatendi

With her new project, Tell Ya Story out now. Greene is just getting started. And with her career exploding there is a grand set of eyes on her tomboy style and banging makeup.

Photos: Natasha Hatendi

“I wear whatever looks good, I’m really a tomboy, so I like to wear sneakers a lot,” said Greene. “I do love a Gucci, Fendi, or Chanel sneaker. I need those pieces when I go on tour.”

Here’s what happens when QC’s latest signee stops by ESSENCE HQ.


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