MVP Collections Gives The Macho Man A Fashionable Twist
Photo: Courtesy of MVP Collections

While the fashion industry is making positive strides to incorporate inclusive solutions, there are still communities that are left out of that conversation. And when body positivity spearheads the dialogue, men are hardly discussed. To bring light to a highly-ignored topic, MVP Collections provides pieces for the big and tall guy to still participate in some of the hottest fashion trends.

“I’m a big and tall customer. I started this brand for the simple fact that there were no stylish options for the big and tall guys,” said Mo Vaughn, MVP Collections Founder. Vaughn, who has worked closely with his business partners Diane Bennett and Frank Thomas, has taken the mission of MVP and implemented their clothes into 20 + DXL stores worldwide and just introduced their denim to the Nordstrom customer. The brand’s size range is from 2XL-6XL and from 40-58 offered in 32”, 34” and 36” inseams. The retail price also sits at about $59- $208.

MVP Collections Gives The Macho Man A Fashionable Twist

Vaughn and Thomas who are both former MLB player saw the disconnect between the fashion industry and bigger man, and created a space where their customers can feel good in the pieces they wear. “We started with what we would call basics. The basics didn’t work. We found that this customer was thriving in looking for fashion,” said Vaughn.

Today, retail partner KingSize unveils its fall catalog showcasing MVP Collections on the cover that features this season’s spiciest trend, animal print. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the leaders of MVP collections about their impact, body-positivity, and more.

MVP Collections Gives The Macho Man A Fashionable Twist

Essence: How did MVP Collections kick its feet off the ground?

Vaughn: We’re started E-com and listened to the customer, realizing that they really wanted fashion. We have been able to build going on our third year, to be on all the major platforms in the industry. And the key to all that is that we are hitting every possible price point in the industry. The other key is that we are made in America so this brand also provides good fabrics.

Thomas: This brand represents all of what Big and Tall is looking for. We are the first in this category to specifically put our heart and soul into the big and tall customer and give him options

Essence: Why is it special to you all to cater to the Big and Tall man?

Bennett: I think this audience has been neglected for quite some time. The attention has not been given from a selection and options in terms of fashion. Mo and Frank being influencers and being these customers, have had those same struggles, it speaks loudly to the customer. We set out to really help these guys feel good about themselves and it’s all about empowering yourself and feeling good about yourself. We’re giving back to this community and we’re changing the conversation in the industry

MVP Collections Gives The Macho Man A Fashionable Twist

Essence: What are some of your signature styles for MVP?

Vaughn: Whatever comes out, you will see that MVP had that. Snakeskin is out? We got something snakeskin. Tye-dye is out? We got something tye-dye. Whatever’s on-trend, MVP is going to represent that. And I think our customer really appreciates that.

Essence: Why do you feel like there is a disconnect between the Big and Tall customer and fashion?

Thomas: When you think about clothing, you don’t think of a big guy wanting to be sexy in clothes. I’m happy to help bring sexy back to the big man. Because when big men go to clubs and bars, they want to look good. But the options haven’t been there. And that’s been Mo’s vision the whole time.

“I really think the big man will be very proud across the country wearing MVP on their back.” – Frank Thomas

Essence: What are some boundaries that you want to break with MVP?

Vaughn: There’s a $22-24 billion industry on plus-sized fashion. There’s a $17 billion industry on the big and tall sized. We want to be a global partner in this business. We are front and center.

Thomas: This company is going to be something to deal with in the near future because I’m telling you, clothes are what Diane has been incredible with. It’s just a win-win for everyone. I really think the big man will be very proud across the country wearing MVP on their back.

To shop MVP Collections, visit here.