We often wish that we can be as stylish as our favorite celebrities, and now we can. Actress and entrepreneur Kali Hawk’s jewelry line, H. CROWNE offers a subscription box that brings glamour to everyday consumers. Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Serena Williams and the Migos have all been spotted in her pieces. “I’ve taken tricks of the trade for the wealthy customer and made it available to everyone,” she explains.

The designer prides herself on being able to release a variety of new collections every month, as opposed to every season. The subscription box allows shoppers to experience new samples each month as they’re coming in. 

“Everyone deserves the VIP experience,” Hawk says. Though she’s relatively new to the jewelry game, the designer’s love and passion for creating has brought new meaning to world of luxury jewelry. 

ESSENCE got a chance to catch up with Hawk to discuss H.CROWNE’s impact on the industry.

ESSENCE: How was your transition from TV and the big screen to the design world?

HAWK: I think having an acting career really helped me get in touch with salesmanship and marketing; both are driving forces in Hollywood. Essentially, what I’m doing is taking the highest level of glamour and making it accessible to everyone.

ESSENCE: What inspired your design aesthetic?

HAWK: I loved going to the Metropolitan Museum.  As a New Yorker, I’d pass it all the time and it became my favorite place. I’m also inspired by royal jewelry and crowns. At one point, I commissioned someone to start making me things inspired by what I saw in the museum. Later, I did a whole jewelry collection in 24 karat gold, which everyone said I couldn’t do because it’s considered too soft; however, it’s not. Ancient Egyptian and Roman jewelry was made in solid 24 karat gold and has held up for centuries. I love the idea of providing museum-quality jewelry at every price point.

ESSENCE: How do you think your subscription-based box will change the jewelry industry?

HAWK: I thought a subscription-based jewelry box would be the perfect way for jewelry lovers to stay up-to-date with all the latest H.CROWNE samples that I will be producing monthly. [It’s] a way to invite people to try new styles and a great gift option for the holidays.

ESSENCE: What does the future hold for H.CROWNE?

HAWK: I’d love to keep catering to celebrities and celebrity stylists, [while] also making things accessible to their fans and the people who like quality. They deserve to look great and have the best, regardless of price point.