The $22 Shaper That Gets My New Mommy Body All the Way Together
One Hanes Place
There are so many things that change when you embark on motherhood. Your priorities, your sleep schedule, your view of the future and well — your body. While I didn’t gain much weight during my pregnancy, my stomach, in particular, is just different. To put it plainly, It’s nowhere near as tight, smooth or flat as it once was — I’ll spare you the details. This new normal is usually a non-factor because my son is ridiculously beautiful and I’m too busy swiping random objects out of his mouth to care. However, when I need for everything to be smoothed out my Maidenform Hi Waist boy shorts ($22, pull it off every time. They’ve kept up with me for everything from homecoming weekend at my HBCU (where “freakum dresses” are required) to job interviews.

One Hanes Place

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They’re easy to shimmy on, combat sweat, don’t feel like a corset and don’t require a complete undressing to get out of.  Of course, the need for a good shaper goes way beyond motherhood. Every woman that just wants to keep things compact will love this no-fuss option.

Dominique Hobdy is a fashion & beauty writer living between Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NY. She spends her time hunched over a computer feverishly typing while simultaneously swiping strange objects out of her 1 ½ year old’s mouth before he can ingest them. You can follow her shenanigans on Instagram @d_hobdy.


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