When it comes to her aesthetic, Lizzo continues to shatter glass ceilings. Defying the antiquated stereotype that curvy girls can’t wear high fashion, the performer has been on nearly every best-dressed list sporting designer brands, including Versace, Valentino and Marc Jacobs, to name a few. Her sassy social media clap backs to her critics have helped propel her to style goddess status.

Everything the singer wears becomes a hot topic, as more and more designers line up at her door waiting to dress the groundbreaking queen. Her music, which is just as iconic as her ensembles, directly reflects what it means to truly be self-loving and carefree.

We could all take a page from Lizzo’s book on how to let your confidence shine through. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to dissect the “Truth Hurts” performer’s trademark look. It’s time to step up your game. Class is in session.

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You can never go wrong in one. And let’s be honest: A skintight bodycon fit was made for curves. While Lizzo cherishes a dramatic gown, she also loves flaunting those gams in a playful number. Take a cue from the songstress and let your curves do the talking in a sexy getup.

I’m 5’9. I love being big. I celebrate it.”


No matter the occasion, Lizzo sparkles. She has hit too many red carpets to count, and at each appearance she debuted stunning high-end pieces. There are no rules when this diva steps in front of the camera. Check out her bright red gown emblazoned with the word “Siren” for proof.


We may not all be performing to sold-out arenas, but there is one lesson we can learn from Lizzo’s showstoppers: Put on what makes you feel comfortable and confident, even if that means sporting a bright orange bodysuit.

The story originally appeared in our May/June 2020 issue, on stands now.


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