Lil Kim Reunited With Her Former Stylist For Photoshoot
Photo Credit: @michaelantonio_now

Lil Kim’s style is nothing less than iconic. From album covers to videos she has created a blueprint that is still relevant today. Her influence goes far beyond the music, her style and confidence continued a much-needed conversation for women empowerment. So anytime Lil Kim pops out, you almost know she will have on a complete look. Yesterday, she posted a photo decked out in MCM and had fans speculating if it was apart of the rumored MCM x Misa Hylton collection.

In the photo, she posed on MCM animal accessories while giving a fierce smize look in a moto jacket embellished with spikes on the arms. Although we can confirm it is not apart of the new collection to come with MCM x Misa Hylton, the Queen Bee did link up with her former stylist to create a custom look.

Check out the custom look below.