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Lil Kim Previews A Promotional Shot Dripped In Chanel For Her Next Album "9"

We got to chat with the photographer behind the breathtaking photo. 
Lil Kim’s Previews A Promotional Shot From Her Next Album “9”
Photo Credit: Michael Antonio

At this point, it should come to no surprise when Lil Kim rocks a lewk but, the internet breaks every time. Because after 25 years in the game, no one does it better than the Queen Bee herself.

This past weekend, the rapper dropped a picture on her Instagram dripped in Chanel jewels in addition to the iconic logo printed in her icy grey wig. This shouldn’t come to a surprise as Lil Kim was the first to put the Chanel logo in her locks in the ’90s. With the caption only reading “9” the photo had the internet speculating that this could be the cover for her next album and according to her photographer, Michael Antonio, we are not entirely wrong. “All the photos are promotional material for the new project she’s working on, ‘9’; her next album,” said Antonio.

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With a new album on the way, the photographer assures that the Lil Kim rollout will continue to pay homage to her groundbreaking fashion moments. “The direction of the photo was essentially a self homage to her, the entire shoot was to show an evolution of her aesthetic,” said Antonio. “She’s had Chanel hair and her whole body covered in Louis Vuitton logos before and we wanted to keep up with tradition. I knew that I wanted it to be fresh and new but also something that echoed one of the many reasons why we love Kim.”