ESSENCE: What’s your favorite thing to wear in the winter?

Anderson: I love finding vintage winter jackets every year, it’s one of my favorite things to search for when the temperature drops.

ESSENCE: When it comes to staying warm this season, what is an item you must have

Anderson: Winter hats are a must as they keep you warm and cover up bad hair days, VS have the cutest ones with pom-poms on top.

ESSENCE: What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet? 

Anderson: Definitely my vintage Chanel jacket collection, I have five different ones in different colors and styles, real collector’s pieces.

ESSENCE: What’s your getting ready routine?

Anderson: During the winter I can’t be bothered with makeup. Hydrated skin and glossy lips are enough. And let’s not forget lashes; lashes and gloss are the perfect combos. I love VS lip-glosses because they’re long-lasting and taste so good.

ESSENCE: Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Anderson: Mate, I’ll be shopping on Christmas Eve like it’s nothing. I’m really not good at Christmas shopping.

ESSENCE: What’s on your Christmas wish-list? 

Anderson: Every year I get a pair of PJs to wear with my mum in the morning so I will be getting matching satin ones from VS along with the new slippers. My brother always gets me the one thing I really want, which is usually a bag or some sneakers.