What I Screenshot This Week: The Tale Of The Fire Two-Piece Knit Set

There once was a young woman who dreamt of acquiring an ensemble with next-level comfort and an undeniable chic factor.

She searched high and low for looks that would give her everything she needed in one fell swoop. One day she was presented with the treasure she’d been on a quest to find – Choosy’s Elsa two-piece knit set and she proceeded to double-tap and screenshot it.

It had everything. Warm, soft fabrics that would allow for the optimal comfort paired with the effortless chic of a matching set. That young woman was me, I am her and I’m enamored knit co-ord sets, particularly the aforementioned gem that I’m crushing on at the moment.

The super sleek cut and cream hue make for a stunning sartorial choice and women who’ve taken the plunge and grabbed this set say it’s unbelievably comfortable.

I’m sold on this one, but if you too love a good knit set, shop my top picks below!

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