Stylist June Ambrose Kept It Funky And Fashionable While 'On The Run'

Check out the stylist's video compilation of her time on Jay-Z and Beyoncé's world tour.
Jazmin Brooks Jan, 10, 2019

First things first: If you are not following celebrity stylist June Ambrose on Instagram, please do. Her energy is infectious, and her style is impeccable. Jay-Z undoubtedly knows that.

As the rapper’s stylist, she made sure he was fly for the Carters’ On The Run II tour last year. In the midst of keeping him in the best fashions, Ambrose took time out for some fun, which included “therapeutic” dancing. She documented and recently blessed us with a recap of all her greatest moves and looks.

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The happiness Ambrose exudes is contagious. She’s a true example of someone living a full, fun and fab life.