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EXCLUSIVE: Model Jourdan Dunn Fronts Swarovski 'Brilliance For All' Campaign And Talks Getting Glam For The Holidays

The holiday season is almost here and Swarovski has got an early gift for us in the form of a brand new campaign called “Brilliance For All” that’s starring one of our favorite supermodels, Jourdan Dunn. To kickoff the campaign, Swarovski threw a Crystal Wonderland Celebration during Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday evening. Attendees included Naomi Campbell, Chiara Ferragni, Fei Fei Sun and Daya — just to name a few. While this isn’t Dunn’s first campaign with Swarovski, it’s definitely her most exciting collaboration with the brand. The new collection is about personalization. Wearers get to mix and match pieces using magnetic closures. So basically you’ll never be caught rocking the same look twice. Genius! ESSENCE caught up with Dunn to ask her about the campaign, how she styles her jewels, gifting loved ones for the holidays and lots more! Check it out… What have been some of the highlights of working with Swarovski during their FW17 campaign, and now, their “Brilliance For All” campaign? Swarovski is a family run brand and you can feel that when everyone comes together to shoot. Everyone is taken care of like a family. A highlight would definitely be working with the legendary Boy George. That’s some serious UK Pride right there! And of course, working with my best friend Karlie makes for a fun and memorable day. We love when we can shoot together! Tell us about the “Brilliance For All” campaign: What are your favorite new pieces? How would you describe the vibe of the campaign? I am all for a powerful branding message! It was so inspiring to know that the founder wanted to create a jewelry brand that made diamonds accessible to all women. It is clear through the campaign that diversity is an important position for Swarovski. They are inclusive and encouraging. They create product that makes any and all women feel special and glamorous. I love all the versatile bracelets from the collection. They are a great gift and a nice touch of style with any outfit for the holidays. The campaign is uplifting and fun, cheery and honest. You could tell we were all really having on fun on set and very much loving at the glitz and shine of the jewelry! It made me excited for the holiday season and buying gifts for my friends and family.

What’s your favorite trend for the holidays? Why should everyone try it? Sparkles are the best holiday trend!! Whether that is in a dress or jewelry. You should always have a little bit of shine during the holiday season. Crystals and diamonds are the décor that one should always follow when styling themselves out during the holiday season.

What are your best tips for accessorizing for holiday festivities? How are you able to keep your look new and fresh throughout the season? For some reason I think holiday time is when you can be the most daring with your accessorizes. People are the happiest during holiday season and I think this is the time to express yourself without limits. Put on your favor pair of shoes, dress and jewelry all in one swoop. It’s about feeling good and happy during the holiday season. I don’t really have tips other then, do what makes you feel good. Don’t follow any “style” rules instead do what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. What is your best gift-giving advice? Is there anything you’re already coveting to gift – to yourself and/or to others? I put myself in someone else shoes when buying gifts, is it something that would make me happy ? Even if it is not something that I would want, is it something that they need or that will make them feel good about themselves. Giving gifts is a way to show someone that you appreciate them and you want to make them happy. So I try to give gifts for people that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. I am moving to a new home in London this fall. So I am really focusing on home décor this year for both my son and myself. I also plan to get my mom a few pieces of jewelry from Swarovski. I am not sure which one yet but I am thinking a really nice pair of diamond earrings, like the Bella V.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season and why? What are you most looking forward to this year? During the holidays I think people become extra grateful. They reconnect with family, they help random strangers, I think people are more thoughtful during the holiday season. Its cold outside so people tend to be a bit more cozy. This year, I am looking forward to moving to my new house in London. I cannot wait to decorate my son’s room. I cannot wait to learn about interior design and create a really positive energy in my home with warm colors, couches, curtains. I cannot wait to be in a new safe haven.