Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while you’re preparing to spend it with a loved one, friends or by yourself, it shouldn’t be a day that’s too hard to plan. According to Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Sanders, she is all about keeping her V-day night lowkey and we are on the same page. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the supermodel about some of her favorite things about Valentine’s Day below.

ESSENCE: What’s your ideal V-day outfit?

Sanders: A bodysuit that peaks out with a blazer, nice jeans, and obviously a pump or thigh-high boots. Just something that leaves a little bit to the imagination. Something that will be sexy but comfortable at the same time.

ESSENCE: What would be your ideal way to spend Valentine’s day?

Sanders: My personal vibe would probably be something more relaxed and at home unless it’s a cute romantic situation. I do shy away from romantic things, so I really like being at home. Especially if a guy can cook, let him cook. Even if you get dressed up to just be the two of you, I think it’s sometimes a little more special.

ESSENCE: What are some items from Victoria’s Secret that we can add to our cart for Valentine’s Day?

Sanders: What I’m obsessed with from Victoria’s Secret has to be their pajamas – they have amazing pajamas, cute and sexy pajamas. I can be a tomboy at times, but I love their little shorts cute tanks. I’m also obsessed with the ‘Love’ fragrance. I’m so excited that it’s finally out.

“Run a nice bubble bath and just make it more of a self-care time to really just love yourself. – Jasmine Sanders

ESSENCE: Do you shop for a V-day outfit or pull something out of the closet?

Sanders: I am the one that shops for her Valentine’s Day outfit. Even when I was younger, I used to literally get outfits that were red and pink and then have sneakers to match. I’m definitely the girl that’s in a lacy number and a blazer or a cute dress. I try to spice things up a little bit more now that I’m older.

ESSENCE: Do you have any advice for someone who has anxiety when Valentine’s Day comes around?

Sanders: If you’re not having a girls’ night out, if you’re not going on a date with someone, you can always just set up candles in your bathroom, run a nice bubble bath and just make it more of a self-care time to really just love yourself.