Get ready for a new collection that is rooted in a range of bold, colorful, and inclusive styles. We’re talking about the first-ever Banana Republic x Harbison collection in partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row.

Dedicated to amplifying diverse voices, Banana Republic is proud to partner with Harlem’s Fashion Row, a platform that provides exposure, funding, and industry experience to underrepresented BIPOC fashion designers. This partnership created the perfect opportunity to showcase new talent while also exploring new sustainable style practices. To really get an idea of what we can expect from his new line that’s made for all sizes, shapes, and shades, we went straight to the source and talked with Charles about what makes this collection so incredible—and how you can get your hands on it.

Meet Charles Harbison
The mastermind behind Harbison, a sustainable, Black-owned, luxury clothing brand offering androgynous fashion, he actually got his start as an architect. He found that he was craving a more tactile process and found his way into the world of fashion. “I love materials, and fashion design, for me, starts with materials.  But one thing I love more than design are people,” says Charles. “So, with fashion, I get to combine the two, touching my customer’s lives through materials.”

Inspired by the world, designed for you
Approaching everything he does with a sense of joy, optimism, and aspiration, Charles thinks it is particularly important to see those sentiments reflected in Black and POC representation.  He is truly inspired by the world as a whole; “I’ve traveled the world and have found beauty in every group of people I’ve encountered.” But the first person he found beauty in was a brown skinned, curvy woman—his mom. “I’m never not thinking about every shape and size and shade when I’m designing,” he adds. “Inclusivity is inherent to my process, and it’s how the best of us approach design.”

This new collection also gave Charles the opportunity to move the needle for designers looking to create a new sustainable process. “This collaboration with Banana Republic has been a change-driver,” he says. “We concentrated on sustainable sourcing and making sure our factory partners were not only ecologically but humanly responsible.”

Collaboration, Connection, and Color
Working with Banana Republic has been a great experience for Charles. “We have important product design sensibilities in common—easy luxury, forever design, and a nod to modernity. This collaboration allows my design perspective access to a much wider market, which has been elusive for me in the past.” It also fulfills a dream for him—seeing his pieces in stores nationwide, where his family can shop. When asked what he is most excited about with this collaboration, he says, “Color. And I want them to walk away feeling hopeful and excited.”

This limited-edition collection is available now in Banana Republic stores and on Pick up your favorite pieces before they sell out!