Happy Birthday, Iman! 25 Style Lessons We've Learned From the Fashion Icon

There's no denying that Iman is a legend. And since it's the iconic supermodel's 61st today (July 25th) we're taking a look at the biggest lessons she's imparted to the world. From rocking wardrobe staples to hints on how-to take style risks while staying flawless, there are the many ways that Iman has inspired us to live our most fashionable lives. Check it out! 

Dominique Hobdy Jul, 25, 2016

1 of 24 Corkery, Richard

Rule #1: Real style is all about attitude. You can wear something simple as long as your personality shines through.

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Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. In this case, it's a fierce back moment.

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Don't forget to strike a pose!

4 of 24 Ron Galella

You can't go wrong in chic sequins.

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Jeans and a t-shirt are easily elevated with a fierce coat.

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If you're going to wear a choker, go bold.

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No, seriously. Go bold or go home when it comes to chokers.

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Black tie ensembles are taken up a notch with a dash of fur.

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The higher the boots, the better.

10 of 24 Ron Galella Ltd

Dom't be afraid of the shimmer.

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Ain't nothing wrong with a in-your-face print.

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Outfits with a peek-a-boo factor are always good.

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Getting matchy matchy can be a very good thing. Also, tartan never really goes out to style.

14 of 24 Kevin Mazur

Get yourself a good duster coat and take any outfit to the next level with no effort.

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When in doubt, jeans and a striped shirt always translates to chic.

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Go for the gold! Don't be afraid to glow up in a shimmering ensemble.

17 of 24 Ron Galella Ltd

A cool moto jacket will always come in handy.

18 of 24 Patrick Demarchelier

Bring on the fur, baby!

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The key to keeping cool is a soft, flowy, no-fuss ensemble.

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A killer red dress will never fail to turn all of the heads in the room.

21 of 24 Kevin Mazur

One must be flawless even while walking your dog..in the cold.

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Every single woman needs a little black dress.

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A slinky dress is a great way to show off your amazing figure while keeping it classy.

24 of 24 Ron Galella Ltd

A black blazer will take you very far.


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