The contentment in wearing an outfit that perfectly signifies your style is the same serenity you feel during and after completing a bike ride or an hour-long massage. There is gratification through every step: the anticipation, process, and completion. A feeling of balance resonates. In Sweden this feeling is simply referred to as “lagom;” meaning “not too much and not too little.” Swedish brand, Ellos, makes achieving this feeling so simple with their selection of minimalist pieces. Everything is just right; the perfect camel colored scarf to add just the right touch to an outfit, the perfect pair of black leather mules with a subtle piece of gold hardware to slip on, or the perfect slightly oversized light pink sweater. Fashionable pieces such as these are often times the exact pieces that we seek to add balance to our outfits. Ellos has been dedicated to practicing a “lagom” lifestyle since 1947. Now the brand is graciously showing us the way to live a balanced lifestyle by bringing Sweden’s National Lagom Day to the United States starting today, October 3. “Life is about finding your happy medium,” shared Anne Stephenson, Senior VP of Ellos. “In our modern efforts to beat deadlines and maximize schedules, we often forget to remain centered. The Ellos woman lives a full life, so we created this holiday as a reminder to always keep peace and balance at the forefront of our demanding lives.”

In my personal search for balance, I found myself exploring Stockholm learning and searching for the “lagom” lifestyle Ellos champions. I found stability in wearing a pair of mules throughout the day, keeping myself wrapped in a scarf to warmup, presence of my peers enjoying a meal, scanning the bookshelf in a restaurant for my favorite records, and simply appreciating the beautiful scenery of Sweden. It’s important to obtain this balance. It eliminates uncertainty and seeking validation from others, because it’s solely personal. A lifestyle of lagom provides comfort and satisfaction. Share how you decide to celebrate the holiday on social media by using #NationalLagomDay.