Have You Seen The Hot Cheetos And Forever 21 Collab?
Forever 21

If you were scrolling on Twitter this weekend you may have seen the ongoing discussion about Forever 21’s latest collaboration with Hot Cheetos. The popular clothing brand is known for their collabs but this one might just take the cake. The question is: Can you pull off a LEWK or not?

We’ve been discussing at ESSENCE HQ and just like Twitter we are split down the middle. Some pieces in the collection can definitely be appropriate for a streetwear look but some are pretty questionable. The limited edition capsule features mens and women’s clothing consisting of sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses and more. The line is also pretty affordable ranging from $5 to $30 which you can purchase (or not) here. Will you be copping some Hot Cheeto merch? Read some of the hilarious tweets below.


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