Here’s What It’s Like To Get Ready With Rico Nasty
Photo Credit: Natasha Tendai/@natashatendai

When we walked into Rico Nasty’s hotel room, to our surprise it was pretty empty. No hairstylist, makeup artist, or stylist in sight. This was shocking considering the maintenance a female entertainer usually requires. Instead, Rico had a few suitcases filled with designer digs and a bathroom covered in makeup and skin products. After coming off the road for two-weeks, Afropunk was the last stop for this raging queen.

In the short time Rico Nasty has made it mainstream, (she had a prominent Soundcloud presence) the 22-year-old has managed to make groundbreaking moves. Her aesthetic is a mixture of rock and rap and her confidence beams through her eclectic style and spanking music. “I don’t know why black women are scared to rage, we got more shit to be mad about than anybody else on the f– planet.”

Rico’s authenticity is easily why she is a fan favorite. She’s proven that black women can be angry without shame, express themselves through different facets of fashion, and rock a spiked mohawk if they want.

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Here’s what it’s like to get ready with Rico Nasty below.


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