Here’s What It’s Like Getting Ready With Songstress Ilham
Taylor S. Hunter

When you graduate from the ivy-league institution known as Cornell University at the age of 20, what’s next? For North African singer Ilham, it wasn’t working at a stereotypical Fortune 500 company but, trailing to Los Angeles for unpaid music internships and ghostwriting.

But, after trading six written songs for one hour of studio time, the Queensbridge songstress found her rhythm, and eventually her hypnotizing crooning fell into the right hands. “I sent my manager my music on my flight back to New York. I landed and he was like, all right I’m going to book you a session. And then that’s it,” Ilham told ESSENCE.

“I want to stand side by side with the top artist.” -Ilham

A few weeks ago, Ilham’s second project, “with time” hit #1 on the Itunes R&B charts. Out of the top 40, she was the only independent artist. Now, with some momentum, the new yorker is ready to stand against the greats. “I want to stand side by side with the top artist,” she concluded.

Here’s what it’s like to get ready with Ilham.


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