GIRL! Halloween is right around the corner. Are you ready?!

By this time last year, you not only had a game plan for which costume to wear to each party, you even had a few tricks up your sleeve. But this year, you’re drawing a blank and have exhausted your discretionary funds…and you’re absolutely not touching your savings.

Well, you’re in luck because ESSENCE has you covered with styling tips and costume hacks that don’t have scary prices!

Check out the video below to discover how you can create six different costume options with two different wigs and then keep scrolling for a complete break down on how to shop your own closet (along with a few discount stores) to complete each look and get you ready for the big night.

1stWig Option, “Icy Blonde Bob”

Look 1, X-Men’s Storm

Silver Bob Wig, $15, 

White Contact Lenses, $24, 

Corset Lace-Up Bodysuit, $40, 

Quilted Faux-Leather Jacket, $60, 

Adult’s Opera Gloves, $17.40, 

Gold & Pearl Statement Earrings, $10,  

Look 2, Reindeer Games

Antler Headband, $11, 

Face Painting Kit, $14, 

Faux Fur Vest, $40, 

Look 3, Sexy Kitten

Black Cat Ears, $10, 

Choker Necklace, $10, 

Corset Lace-Up Bodysuit, $40, 

Adult’s Opera Gloves, $17.40, 

Gold & Pearl Statement Earrings, $10,


2ndWig Option, “Flowing Purple Tresses”

Look 1, Wicked Witch

‘Sexy Bewitched’ Costume w/accessories, $43, 

Look 2, Not-So-Little Mermaid

‘Alluring Sea Siren’ Costume with accessories, $88, 

Look 3, Black Girl Magic Unicorn

Unicorn Horn Headband, $3, 

Oversized Faux Fur Jacket, $90,