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H&M Launches Graphic Tee With Gunner Stahl In Celebration Of National Voter Registration Day

"People can use the power of their vote to be the change that they want to see in this country," Stahl says.

The election is near and as the United States preps for a controversial political battle, the first the step is getting citizens registered to vote. Today, on National Voter Registration Day many brands will roll out campaigns encouraging registration just in time for the election cycle. Retailer H&M joining the group of large corporations pushing their audience to the polls.

In celebration of today, the retailer has released its collection titled H&M Votes x Blanks Artist Collab, which is available now at select USA H&M stores and online at hm.com. H&M worked with artists and creators from different communities around the USA to create a collection of elevated bi-partisan artwork basics. The artwork also pays homage to the hometowns of the artists and highlights the importance H&M places on support of local communities around the country.

H&M Launches Collection For National Voter Registration Day

The brand tapped artist like Baron Von Fancy and Sophia Chang of New York City, Sheila Rashid of Chicago, and Gunner Stahl of Atlanta. “It is time for a serious change,” Stahl tells ESSENCE. “People can use the power of their vote to be the change that they want to see in this country. This is also my first time voting in a presidential election so this is especially meaningful for me.” The Hip-Hop creative spends his working hour taking photos of some of your favorite entertainers like Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, and Solange.

H&M Launches Collection For National Voter Registration Day

Stahl creation features a black t-shirt with an American flag on the front and reads “Your President, Insert Here” on the back. The limited-edition pieces are meant to underline the importance of ‘using your voice for change and to encourage customers to exercise their right to vote this fall. The H&M Votes x Blanks Artist Collab aligns with H&M’s larger Voter Registration initiative, launched on September 1st, which is focused on providing education on voting rights as well as voter registration access to both H&M staff and customers leading up to the 2020 election.

Proudly teaming up with this group of creatives, Stahl sharing the same sentiments that this new generation has the power of change. “I think they can change the world by using their platform to spread love,” he concluded.

Shop the H&M Votes x Blanks Artist Collection here.