With Its Limited Edition Book ‘Dapper Dan’s Harlem,’ Gucci Pays Homage To The Fashion Legend

See Dapper Dan’s home and studio and other sites in Harlem.
Jazmin Brooks Jan, 10, 2019

Gucci collaborated with renowned photographer Ari Marcopoulos to create Dapper Dan’s Harlem.

The recently released limited edition tome features Marcopoulos’s snapshots of Harlem, Dapper Dan’s home and atelier, as well as portraits of the icon’s friends such as Cleo Wade, Bevy Smith, Thelma Golden and Steve Stoute.

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The bad blood between Gucci and Dapper Dan has definitely dissipated. Their evolving partnership has resulted in the reopening of Dapper Dan’s atelier in 2017, a Gucci x Dapper Dan collection in 2018 and now this book.

Dapper Dan’s Harlem is available at Gucci Garden in Florence and Gucci Wooster Bookstore in New York.