Girl About Town: Kimberly Chandler
Chris Weeks

The statement “giving back” although a bit cliche is the perfect way to describe what the Stella McCartney brand does. They put a great team behind what the house represents and align themselves with non profit organizations that fit their core values. As both a consumer and a fashion enthusiast, I have had the privilege to build with the company and share their same humanitarian passion.

So you can imagine I was both elated and humbled when I was initially approached a year ago to host a private shopping event at their Los Angeles location to benefit an organization I am affiliated with. I chose Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, whose goal is to empower people to take action, give bone marrow and save lives.  Through this endeavor they serve as the world’s largest bone marrow donor center. With a large presence in both Germany and New York, I thought this would be a fantastic introduction to LaLa land.

The event with a guest list of eager woman ready to shop for a great cause was a success and we were able to raise thousands of dollars.

Stella McCartney’s camp approached me again this year and we thought it would be amazing to bring my husband Tyson into the fold.  He came up with the concept of putting a spin on this year’s shopping event by inviting the woman to bring their significant others and making it a “date night.”  I know my boo is a smart guy but this idea was genius as we were able to raise even more awareness and surpassed our expectations with the amount of funds we were able to raise for Delete Blood Cancer.

A day before the event I told him I sometimes feel selfish while I am doing these so-called selfless acts. The reward I gain by seeing even a minute difference made makes me so full. His response was: doing a “selfless act” can never be deemed selfish. How is that possible when I feel I gain more than I could ever give?

Learn how you can become a bone marrow donor, here.

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