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Gabi Fresh Releases Summer Collection With Swimsuits For All

The influencer exclusively speaks with Essence about her latest collection.

In 2020 the size inclusivity conversation is still happening. You would think that companies would offer a larger size considering the average woman is between a size 16 -18 but, there are still advocates like Gabi Gregg, also know as “Gabi Fresh” who are continuing to push the conversation – even when others have forgotten. “There are a lot of brands who do care and who are kind of seeing the light,” Gregg tells ESSENCE. “Social media has given so many communities a voice and the ability to come together and call out problematic things that are happening in the fashion industry,” she exclaimed.

Though diffrent efforts, the influencer has partnered with companies to explore what it would look like to broaden their size range and her latest project is with Swimsuits For All. Together, the two have partnered up to launch a Summer collection.

Gabi Fresh Releases Summer Collection With Swimsuits For All

“The fun part about making trendy swimwear for plus-sized women is because it’s unfortunately still tough to find,” says Gregg. Her latest collection with the swimwear brand features minimalist trends while accentuating modern details such as ruching and cut-outs. “Part of my passion comes from bringing those options to the plus-sized consumer.,” she said. This is the 7th year she and Swimsuits For All have worked together, starting with her collection in 2013. “On the other hand, this is also emotional, because I think obviously, as plus-sized women, we are marginalized in society. So that happens in every facet of our lives, but specifically when it comes to “getting a summer body” or going to the beach,” said Gregg.

Gabi Fresh Releases Summer Collection With Swimsuits For All

And yes, while we are currently in a pandemic that calls for social distancing and stay at home orders, that still doesn’t stop anyone from wearing a swimsuit. “Obviously, keeping safe and socially distancing, there are a lot of people I know who are taking road trips,” Gregg concluded.

Retailing under $160, the GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All 2020 Summer collection is available for purchase here.