ESSENCE: What is the most popular watch to date?

Ibe: Our new Metal 5000 (GMWB5000) series is widely popular with all types of G-SHOCK consumers. When looking at sales volume, our most popular watches would have to be our Skeleton models in new colorways, which we recently announced in October this year. We were excited to pay tribute to the iconic, clear and candy-colored computers and game systems of the 90s with the latest release.

ESSENCE: How does G-shock stay ahead of its competitors?

Ibe: We ensure that we never compromise on what has made G-SHOCK so successful. Consumers know that if it’s a G-SHOCK, it will exceed all of their expectations when it comes to shock resistance, water-resistance, and long battery life. We then ensure we’re always bringing something new and exciting to the table through collaborations with artists, new materials and finishes, and putting new spins on our iconic looks.

ESSENCE: How does G-shock choose which influencers to partner with?

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Ibe: When choosing our influencers, we look for those who are defying convention and carving out a powerful path for others through their relentless drive to break standards, while making sure that they align with our brand’s core values and beliefs. For example, for our 24 Hours Campaign, we sought out women who are leading in different industries and operating out the boundaries of 9 to 5, which is why we were excited to kick‐off our campaign with Emily Oberg, Meg Donnelly, Malia Manuel, all women who embody our brand ethos of absolute toughness.

Ibe: Brand milestones also present a great opportunity to work with great talent. We partnered with A$AP Ferg, who is a lifelong G-SHOCK fan to create a limited-edition timepiece. In that case, his unapologetic spirit made him the perfect artist to collaborate with as he embodies the brand’s DNA and values. We are always on the lookout to collaborate with authentic creators who constantly reinvent themselves and empower the masses with their work.

ESSENCE: Moving forward to 2020, will G-shock focus on a smartwatch?

Ibe: G-SHOCK is currently focused on delivering the convenience today’s consumers are looking for through our line of connected watches. Our connected watches feature smartphone connectivity allowing users to use the Phone Finder ability and to set a timer or alarm from the app. This approach focuses on the watch, making it easier to use, and our consumers have really appreciated that