Earlier this week, Teyana Taylor and Red Bull celebrated the release of a new 60- minute documentary featuring the cultural icon. The documentary titled  ‘Assembly Required: Teyana  Taylor’s House of Petunia‘, examines the creation and collaborative process of Teyana’s iconic performance at Red Bull Music Festival New York. Throughout the video, you can see the singer working alongside a team of talented creatives, producers, stylists, choreographers and more.

Taylor has been very open about her influence from the Ballroom scene which is prevalent in her hit song, ‘Work This P–.’ “I’m starting my own house. It’s gonna be called the House of Petunia. It’s all my visions brought to life,” Teyana explains in the film.

“The House of Petunia will be my most ambitious show to date. I’m extremely nervous because the show means a lot to me.”

And, much like the ballroom scene, her fashion is equally as expressive. The singer is known to code-switch from tomboy to chic – and does it, effortlessly. In the documentary, you’ll be introduced to many looks by Mrs. Taylor including a black leather Supreme jacket and her archived “F2F” merch. She even opens the film in a black and white checkered influenced gown.

Watch Red Bull’s Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petunia on YouTube or Red Bull TV


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