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Fashionista Q&A: Selita Ebanks

Selita's style staples, from denim to stilettos!
When we think of red carpet rock stars, Selita Ebanks always ranks high on the list!

The stylish supermodel consistently serves fresh, chic looks whenever she steps out. At a recent appearance at the MLB All-Star game to promote the Pepsi Max Field of Dreams event in Phoenix, the fierce fashionista took a moment to chat with us about sports, style and staples of the season!

ESSENCE.com: We had no idea you were a sports fan!
SELITA EBANKS: I’m such a sports fanatic. Thanks to Pepsi Max, I’m here at this game to represent their new zero calorie drink. It’s always fun when I get to attend games like this — and rub it with my brothers and father! Football has always been a favorite, but baseball is a new love for me.

ESSENCE.com: Let’s talk about your other love: shoes!
SELITA: My shoe game is kind of a sickness at this point! I’m all about the platforms heels, and the wedges. Chloe made some good wedges this season, and Louboutin is always on the forefront. I also like moccasins. For a hippie look, I throw them on with a cute headband.

ESSENCE.com: What’s another obsession this season?
SELITA: Jeans! I’m all about the denim on denim look. Just recently, I wore a high-waisted short and button-down — all the same tone. I wore them with my Louboutin Pigalle’s (studded pumps). I don’t really show my legs that much and I thought those shorts were super, super sexy.

ESSENCE.com: Wait, so like the rest of us, you have things you feel insecure about?
SELITA: Of course! That’s why I buy all these shoes. A great shoe will help you feel amazing.

ESSENCE.com: What else makes you ‘feel amazing?’
SELITA: Mascara! My favorites are Maybelline Great Lash and Bourjois — they are really good. It doesn’t clump at all and it’s not like some mascaras that you have to reapply over and over. 

ESSENCE.com: Do you have a style philosophy this season?
SELITA: I love mixing prints. It’s usually a hit or miss; you can do it really well or really bad. Handbags are a great way to try this! So whether its the snake print or straw, I love to throw an unexpected texture in there. Also, when you get dressed, you have to think highs and lows. You can have your staples luxury items, but it’s okay to throw in a factor like Zara or Forever 21. It’s also great to keep things simple. It’s those moments when i keep it simple that things look better and I end up on best-dressed lists.

ESSENCE.com: Speaking of which, we’ve definitely noticed your style game just getting better and better!
SELITA: I think I’ve been a little bit more concerned about the way I look in photos. I used to throw anything on and just go. And now I’m like, I don’t want to take a photo unless it’s 100% Selita.