There are a million reasons why being a Black woman is fantastic, and hyperpigmentation is not one of them. Being prone to dark spots due to scarring, acne, hormonal changes or sun overexposure is not only annoying, it’s a costly problem to fix (fancy laser treatments and dermatologist appointments can run you hundreds of dollars). Now, Kiehl’s has the answer to our prayers! The genius bath and body brand has just debuted their Photo Age Corrector HIgh-Potency Spot Treatment, a formula proven to reverse and correct hyperpigmentation, revealing healthy, radiant skin. In tests, 92% of users noticed a significant reduction in their dark spots, and 96% said their skin was noticeably brighter! Use this plum fruit extract and vitamin C-blended formula to target specific spots, or apply it all over your face as a preventative measure. Voila, gorgeous fall skin.