Ralph Lauren took the unusual step of showing his accessories collection a day before his runway show. It was great because you were able to concentrate on the clothes separately. Charmeuse gowns and spectacularly beaded dresses for evening, and snappy jackets for daytime. I particularly liked the curvy white blazer with shorts for the hot ones. And I’m sure there’s a pair of white pinstriped trousers for the cool ones.

Pharrell Williams went from the Proenza Schouler show last night to Essence offices this afternoon. He checked out the fashion at the show and the women at Essence. But that’s not really why he came to visit. He was pitching his new delish, creamy drink, Qream. We liked the lunchtime buzz.

Marc Jacobs started his show one minute early which means a lot of people who visit this website would have missed the show. You know what I mean.
A western inspiration meant beautiful hiked skirts and hi heeled Mary Janes with pointy toes and do rags. The show opened with a dramatic tableaux of all the models who came down the wooden runway, one by one. I don t know … maybe Jacobs should take over Dior. It’s a lot to do three labels at once but Lagerfeld did it.
The look of day was a silver jacket and silver hiked skirt from Marc Jacobs, America’s most inventive designer.


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