ESSENCE Fashion House NYC: Justine Skye Sits Down With Girls United For Podcast, “Magic Unfiltered”
Photo: Lawrence Minor

ESSENCE Fashion House NYC was filled with black girl magic and empowering discussions. Along with the panels, we gave two creatives the opportunity to introduce our new platform, Girls United. Girl’s united is a space for women of this generation to digitally connect. Sisters, Sophia Dennis and Rechelle Dennis of Girl’s United made a huge announcement and informed the audience that Girl’s United will be officially releasing a podcast called, “Magic Unfiltered” in October.

Attendees got an exclusive listen to the first episode which features singer and songwriter, Justine Skye. Skye sat down for a fun and lighthearted interview with the Dennis sisters. She opened up about realizing her black girl magic, her favorite songs on her new EP and even dropped a few bars for the podcasts traditional freestyle. Following an interview with guests, Sophia and Rechelle always ask their guests to freestyle some rhymes to commemorate their discussion.

Justine Skye is known for rocking her purple tresses, but her style has evolved over the years. Now she is wiser and ready to take things to the next level in fashion and with her music. On her new EP, Bare With Me she does just that and explores all emotions and showcases a fresh start.

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Skye said both her style and music is super organic this time around.

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