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Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and TV show host Tamron Hall has kept heads turning and viewers engaged on television for over two decades with her signature style and charismatic personality. But be that as it may, even her style evolution wasn’t without its’ challenges.

Hall joined ESSENCE Deputy Editor Cori Murray for an intimate conversation at the 2021 ESSENCE Fashion House experience, where she opened up about her journey to developing her personal style. At one point in the conversation, she specifically recalled an experience she had while working as a reporter in her home state of Texas that proved to be a pivotal moment in her style evolution—inspired by none other than Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Photo By Lawrence Miner

“So, I remember being a reporter in Texas and it was a hundred and three-thousand degrees,” she began. “And a news director told me I couldn’t take off my jacket because it wasn’t professional. He was in an air-conditioner and I was outside and I thought, ‘Well this isn’t….how am I measured by whether I have sleeves on or not? That’s absurd.’ And, I’ll be honest, Michelle Obama with the sleeveless look, that became the iconic look…I was like, ‘well, look, the First Lady has no sleeves!’ So, I started to have my style evolution at that point.”

Check out the video above to watch the conversation in full and head over to ESSENCE Studios for more of everything you missed at ESSENCE Fashion House.


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