ESSENCE Fashion House NYC: Tongoro Glided Down The ESSENCE Runway
Photo: Paige Ricks

Designer Sarah Diouf of Tongoro is setting trends by spearheading chic durag matching sets and face jewelry – even Beyonce is a fan. The Houston singer sported a black and white Tongoro set in her “Sprit” music video for The Lion King Movie. And we are equally as in love, which is why we nominated the many-sided line for Designer of the Year at the Best In Black Fashion Awards.

During ESSENCE Fashion House NYC, Tongoro presented a brief collection with its newest designs gliding down the runway. The easy flowing material Diouf selects allows for her pieces to move with every step. Each model floated in printed fabrics of bright colors and intricate shapes. Black, white, and pops of bright yellows fill the Tongoro aesthetic allowing for a hefty selection for the everyday woman.

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