Have you ever just looked at something online and let it sit in your shopping cart until it’s sold out? Whether it’s a five thousand dollar Chanel purse that is totally out of your price range (my guilty pleasure is looking at Chanel bags) or the Maison Margiela Tabi boots that seem to never go out of style, there is always something on a fashionista’s wish list. And finding out that something you feened is out of stock is the best way to make a style maven go off the deep end.

But this year I have said to myself that there is nothing unattainable without a little budgeting and a few meal-prepped weeks. In 2020 I am all about pairing my affordable must-have items with a designer piece to bring the outfit together. Whether it’s a YSL pump or a $400 Gucci hair clip, here’s what’s on my 2020 wish list.

Warning: Do not have your credit card near.