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[MUSIC] leave it to Bobbi Brown to totally reimagine lipstick. This semi-matte color comes in a squeezable tube, there's 16 different hues From nude to ultra bright. I'm completely obsessed. it's spring, so it's time to break out the bold vibrant colors. Lisi Lerch has created these tassel beaded earrings. They come in a variety of colors that will totally work with any outfit you're wearing this We've all been there, right. You lose the back of your earring. The clasp of your necklace breaks. Well, in this little clutch you will find everything you need to repair it. There's lots of clasps of earring bags, jump rings, and there's even a pair of pliers, so you can fix up your favorite piece of jewelry and go back to being fabulous. So that's it, but you know there's always more. Check back next week for dope stuff on my desk. [MUSIC]
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