5 Incredibly Cute Day-Date Outfits, Inspired By Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

The Bachelorette: come for the drama, stay for the love story. It’s a formula that’s been pulling viewers in season after season, despite the many Whaboom-level characters that make us want to check out long before the final rose.

But lately, thanks to Rachel Lindsay and her season-long supply of cute looks, we’ve been tuning into the show for a whole new reason—outfit inspo.

Besides being smart, funny, and all-around awesome, Lindsay is by far one of the best-dressed Bachelorettes in the show’s 14-year history (JoJo Fletcher comes in close second). And it’s not just the rose ceremony gowns that have impressed us. Working with the show’s stylists, Cary Fetman and Krystine Couch, she has perfected the art of the daytime date look too, which let’s face it, can be much trickier than throwing on a cocktail dress and calling it a day.

From her breezy off-the shoulder top and jeans for the spelling bee date in Hilton Head Island (c-h-i-c) to her all-white everything vibe in Switzerland, Lindsay has nailed it in almost every time zone and temp this season. And tonight during the all-important hometown dates, she meets the ‘rents of the remaining men in four different cities—and four different looks—that all manage to capture her polished, feminine style.

All four hometown outfits include some version of a skinny jean (Paige and Fidelity are faves), likely in an attempt to show that, yes, she’s still just a girl from Dallas that can hang with grandma. In Miami, she meets Bryan’s family in dark wash jeans with a floral handkerchief hem tank and nude wedges (above), while in Aspen, she meets up with Dean in a cozy duster, black tee, and a knit cap (below). Visits with Eric and Peter follow a similarly effortless feel.

In honor of Lindsay and her day date mastery, we’re taking notes on her best casual looks of the season (so far).


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