What’s interesting about kids’ outwear today is that it’s far more expressive and fun than when I was a youth. There’s also a lot more “fashion” injected into them, and without compromising on functionality. I don’t have kids, so this search was new, and fun. I enjoyed seeing all of the color and whimsy. 

Children grow quickly so they rarely wear a coat for more than one season, now that is not new. Coats under $100 are as prevalent as those over $500 (that’s new). So, a new coat each year could easily be a few new coats each year. Fast fashion provides a range of price points. We love options, but this sucks for the environment. I should think about fast fashion with any clothing purchase, but for whatever reason, this kid post made me think about the future, and climate. The average consumer buys 60% more clothing than they did 15 years ago. Around 85% of textiles are thrown away in the US now, 13 million tons (from the US alone) in 2017.  Those are the facts. And those facts explain why so many of these children’s brands shout out the recycled materials in their coats and sustainability practices of their brands. Many are making efforts to be responsible. And we have to do the same. When you you wrap your kid up in his or her new, warm and super cute coat, maybe think about who that coat can go to next year after your child outgrows it. If we care the world that they are going to live in as adults, we gotta do whatever we can to make a difference now.

I honestly didn’t expect to write about the environment today, but my mind couldn’t separate children from the future. They are the future. 

Now enjoy the cuteness below, but remember to pass it on once it’s too small, instead of throwing it away. 


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