Jordyn Woods, Model And Kylie Jenner’s BFF, Says ‘I Am a Curvy Girl And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way’
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Jordyn Woods has long been a subject of paparazzi cameras far-and-wide, partly due to her BFF being Kylie Jenner, but also because of her courageous, curvy-girl style and stunningly good looks! Moreover, as a result of her own passion-for-fashion, the 19-year-old has been signed to the world-renown, Wilhelmina modeling agency, as well as recently being named a face of mega-fashion retailer, We caught up with Woods to ask about her love for fashion, dressiner her killer curves and stepping out with confidence. Check it out! 

Essence: Your interest in fashion has really taken off these past couple of years, when did you know this was an industry you wanted to lock yourself into? 

Jordyn: There are so many different ways to express myself through this industry and truly connect with my fans. Modeling and designing seemed like a natural fit to represent girls of all sizes.

Essence: How would you describe your personal style? 

Jordyn: Confident. Sexy. Effortless.

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Essence: Tell us why your collaboration with Boohoo is important to you? 

Jordyn: With, I have been supported and encouraged to create something that all women can have access to and that I am proud of. This has been an incredible opportunity to design a collection that embraces all body types.

Essence: Have you ever experienced ‘body-shaming’ in the industry, and what do you do to curtail such instances? 

Jordyn: Confidence is all about what’s on the inside and how you carry yourself, whether you are a size 4 or 14. I am a curvy girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s not about how much you work out or don’t. I am beyond thrilled to prove that beauty comes in more than just one size.

Essence: How often does your BFF Kylie give you outfit kudos? What fashion styles does she love to see you rock? 

Jordyn: My friends are so important to me and we are constantly influencing each other’s style. We are all so different when it comes to dressing, but strangely there are many similarities. We all love a sneaker and jeans look with a cute crop.

Essence: What inspiration can you share with our millions of readers who look up to you? 

Jordyn: My advice would [be] for them to not look to the media to depict how they should look. Confidence begins from the inside, and works its way out. I would tell them to be true to their self. Be unique!

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Essence: Give us your definition of Black Girl Magic? 

Jordyn: Being a female in this generation is powerful. I’m proud of everything I have accomplished as a female and an African American female.

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