Jennifer Hudson is hitting the streets of New York in style.

The star has signed on as the face of New York and Company’s new 70s-inspired Soho Jeans Collection.

“I just feel like it was the perfect fit and its the perfect timing too,” Hudson tells ESSENCE.

The line offers sizes 0-18 and is for every kind of woman, she adds.

“I feel like the styles they created, it didn’t leave out any type of girl. The tall girl, the curvy girl, the girl that wants to look good but relaxed and comfortable. Why do we have to be uncomfortable to be cute? Why can’t we be comfortable and cute?”

Good question, J-Hud.

Although she’s a newly-converted jean girl, Jennifer—who’s also preparing to play Shug Avery in the Broadway revival of The Color Purple—says style has always been a big part of her life. “It has always been an expression to me. It’s all about bringing that internal feeling out,” she says, adding that her 70s style icon is none other than the iconic Foxy Brown.

With the new collaboration J-Hud joins a growing list of Black women who are the faces of fashion campaigns. “I just think it’s beautiful, I think it’s powerful,” she says. “I think it’s a message that can’t be missed with the force of it, and I think it’s time.”

It’s definitely time.

And to all of the fierce women out there who are struggling with body image when it comes to fashion, Jennifer had this golden nugget of wisdom to share:

“Own what you have and embrace it and make it be the best that you can make it be. That’s what’s important because it’s about you wearing it and not it wearing you.”

New York and Company’s Soho Jeans Collection hits stores today.