Name: Kristen Madison

Hometown: Miami, Fl

Ethnicity: Nicaraguan/German and African American/Cherokee Indian

Measurements: 38-31-47
I was discovered: I have to give my mother most of the credit. Years ago, I didn’t know there were opportunities out there for curvy girls to be professional models. My mother always told me, ‘you should model,’ and I always said, ‘Mom! I’m twice the size of those girls in the magazines or on the runway.’ My mother then pleaded and asked me to take professional photos with a professional photographer. I agreed, hey why not? I absolutely fell in love with the camera at that moment. The photographer asked, ‘who is your agent?’ She then mentioned an amazing plus size agency, which is now my home, Dorothy Combs Models. I sent images from my photo shoot over to Dorothy Combs Models and got a reply to come into the office. I was filled with so much excitement! I signed with Dorothy Combs Models that same Day. I was so happy to be signed with such an amazing agency!  The rest is history.

I’m currently working on: My blog. It’s my baby. I address many issues, but mostly body acceptance. It’s called It’s A Plus Size Thing!

My best feature is: My eyes.

I’m beautiful because: I try to see beauty and purpose in everything. I believe in order for someone to be beautiful they must first have a beautiful soul. I believe my soul and heart is beautiful. Physical beauty is secondary to inner beauty. Without inner beauty you have nothing.  

My favorite thing to wear to feel special is: I love statement jewelry. A cool necklace or bracelet always spices up any outfit.

My beauty routine is: I get a deep cleansing facial and clay mask treatment monthly. Also, a hydro facial to put moisture back into my skin. I get my monthly facials at Miami Institute at the Four Seasons in Downtown Miami. This keeps my skin fresh and glowing. I also sleep with my hair up and out of my face. Hair has so many natural oils than can cause facial breakouts. I love all of Lush products! And swear by them! They have amazing mask and scrubs my favorite is Ocean Salt. I use it to exfoliate my entire body. A good alternative to the ocean salt scrub is honey or coconut oil and brown sugar. Thank me later!

My health routine is: I love to drink hot tea with lemon and honey in the mornings. Also stretching in the mornings is a must. Stretching is great for the body and mind. I love jogging outside and taking in the scenery –– jogging and running on the beach especially. I also love the ocean and water, so swimming is also one of my favorite workouts.

How I stay healthy for the holidays: I eat practically anything and everything. I come from such a diverse background so growing up I got to taste and experience food from different cultures. My key is to enjoy food and don’t feel guilty about eating anything. Portion control is the key!

The best tip I use to flatter my curves is: I love my curves and try my best not to hide them under layers of unflattering clothing. I will say that Spanx or any similar under garment is a curvy girls best friend. It smooths and accentuates your curves.

My pet peeve when it comes to curvy girl fashion is: Trying to find a perfect fitting jean!

My advice to budding plus size models is: I have many aspiring models who write to me via my blog. I always tell them to never give up and keep going. So many aspiring models go from agency to agency without getting signed and I understand that it is not easy. Many aspiring models feel that they need to be signed in order to book work. Yes, it’s a huge help and honor to be signed to a reputable agency but with social media you can create your own platform. Creating your own platform will open up unimaginable doors and create amazing opportunities!
I get into the zone while shooting by: listening to music! I love to listen to reggae like Bob Marley and soothing jazz like Billie Holiday when it’s an early call time, it gets me relaxed and focused. After hair and makeup I love to switch it up to a more upbeat mix with songs from Beyonce to Rick Ross. I also like to throw in some David Guetta in there. I love and appreciate all types of music.

My curvy style icon is: There are so many amazing curvy fashionistas. I admire and learn so much from them. My curvy icon for sure is Marilyn Monroe –– beautiful curves and amazing style!

My favorite places to shop: I love online shopping! There are so many stores that I love –– Asos Curve is one of my favorites. I Also love Lane Bryant’s selection of Intimates.

Favorite style blogs? There are so many amazing curvy fashionista bloggers out there. Too many to name!

Any noteworthy upcoming projects: My agents and bookers always keep me super busy, I love them for that. I am very excited about an upcoming shoot. The photographer, stylist and make-up artist including myself are all collaborating amazing ideas, it is going to be epic!