I was discovered: By Katie Halchishick, the owner of Natural Model Management and Healthy is The New Skinny while shopping at a Forever 21. She approached me asking if I was interested in being a curvy model with her agency as well as join the body image movement as a role model for young girls. Of course I said ‘yes!’ I soon had to realize being a successful and beautiful plus model included being confident. In this industry while working with Natural Model Management I have learned that all women, including myself, deserve to feel and look beautiful.
I’m currently working on: Staying active and healthy and promoting positive body image.
My best feature is: My smile. I think all smiles can brighten anyone’s day and I love impacting others with kindness and my genuine personality
I’m beautiful because: I like what I see on the inside. Being healthy from the inside-out. Beauty is defined by our personality. No one wants to be around a person that is beautiful on the outside but lacks character, kindness and common sense.
My favorite thing to wear to feel special is: The necklace my mother gave me. I’m very proud of her. When I wear this necklace I feel I can accomplish anything because it’s a little reminder of all that she has accomplished in life.
My beauty routine is: Everyday I wash and moisturize my face with Nourish from Trader Joes and I love my fragrance free SPF sunscreen, also from Trader Joes called Enrich. It’s amazing because it doesn’t leave an oily film on my face and it has vitamins A, C and E. And all three of these products are under twenty dollars –– I love it!

My health routine is: Eating fresh and high in protein. I love going to the gym for two to three hours, three times a week and hiking outdoors is my favorite.
The best trick I use to flatter my curves is: I am little in the middle so I love to use a cute belt to accentuate my waist and curvy hips.
My advice to budding plus size models is: Being a good model is about being on time and considerate of others time, being hardworking and kind. Being a plus model is not about just being beautiful, the true success in modeling is finding your uniqueness and making it work for you. Always be confident –– it’s cliché, but there is only one you so love your curves and bring it!!
I get into the zone while shooting by: Giving it all I got. I talk to the team while we are all on the set preparing for the photo shoot, getting to know them always helps me feel more comfortable and I love discovering pro-stylist tips.
My curvy style icon is: Marie Denee of Curvy Fashionista.
My favorite places to shop: Nordstrom Rack, Urban Uutfitters and Zara.
My Favorite style blogs are: The Curvy Fashionista and I love to browse Pinterest and Polyvore for style inspiration.
Any noteworthy upcoming: I am expecting a son this year! My first baby and most noteworthy upcoming event.


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