The weather is finally warming up and that means it’s swimsuit time! I personally have been a bikini or tankini wearer my entire life due mostly to my height. Now, as curvy women, there are so many options open to us.

This year it seems every brand has come out with something in our size and it is not the same suit we grew up with. When buying a suit, it is important that you find what is going to work for who you are. I have suits that are only for vacations and ones that are for working out. The reason for multiple suits is I need each of them to function differently. Working out in a pool is very different then lounging at the pool with my boo. You should also make sure your suit is going to function well in the setting you wear it.

We have all seen the girl at the waterpark who loses her top because it was not the right swimsuit for more than a lazy river. Also, when buying a suit, tan lines are something to think about. I love options with cut outs, but I try to think about where I am going to wear them and what I am going to wear after. The sun loves us and we love that healthy color that comes from laying out on the weekend, just make sure your weekend tan lines go with your work week wardrobe.

Finally, when buying a suit know that your curves rock and you should absolutely rock them. Stop worrying about what others are thinking about you in your suit. Embrace your fierceness and SLAY your poolside wardrobe. Never be afraid to do you. If nothing else know you have every right to look and feel sexy, even in your swimsuit. Here, I’m showing you some of my favorite swimsuits and poolside looks!

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