We love how Brittnee Blair bares every curve on her figure via sexy swimsuits, short-shorts, and bodycon dresses.

This international model’s curves are complimented by her infectious smile that radiates pure joy. She’s constantly stimulating self-love and reminding us to live our absolute best lives. You may have seen her modeling for notable brands such as Old Navy, Macy’s, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, and many more.

ESSENCE caught up with this hard working curvy girl shared some beauty and fashion notes that are bound to uplift your style.

What is a feature you love to accentuate?

My favorite feature to accentuate is, my hourglass shape. I love and embrace every curve, every lump, and every bump and I’m not afraid of tight clothing that showcases it.


What do you say to curvaceous women that say and/or think that nothing looks good on them?

You can always find a piece that will make you feel fierce, let you shine, and show a little bit of who you are with that statement piece. I know we all fall into that awful societal habit of comparing ourselves and our bodies to others. But the truth is, you are all equal, you are all beautiful, and you deserve to feel your best and inspire others to feel their best. By seeing how happy and confident you are in your outfit, you never know who you can uplift to do the same.


Describe your style.

My style is city chic meets laid back but still cute. Lol! I love an excuse to dress up; hair laid, face beat, and outfit that is classy, yet loud enough to grab a room. I also love a cute casual Sunday pair of jeans, crew neck or bodysuit, flats, and slightly dressed up with some great accessories.


What is your favorite swimwear line/brand?
This is a tough question; because if there is anything in fashion I love more than lingerie…. it’s swimwear. I’m in love with rue107’s swim designs! Their pieces are fresh, fashionable, and comfortable. They really know how to design for a curvaceous body and I love the selection of sizes (up to 24).


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What’s something you think curvy women should have in their closet?

I think a closet “must have” would be a great pair of jeans. Nothing says “hello world”, like the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Preferably 3 different washes, I like to stick with the basics; dark, medium, and black wash. You can always dress them up or down, and they’re comfortable!



What’s your favorite fashion staple/timeless piece?
I’m a sucker for a ribbed turtleneck or any turtleneck, really. I think it’s a timeless piece that can be paired with pretty much anything; whether it’s a skirt, a jumper, a short-sleeved dress, dress pants, or high-waist jeans…it will look fabulous and elevate your look.


What’s your favorite vibrant/bright color to wear?
Cobalt blue. It’s fresh and a total power color.

What’s your best fashion or beauty investment?
Definitely my accessories collection! I always try and pick up new pieces to mix and match with different outfits. A perfect accessory can dress up or dress down any look.


What are your favorite lingerie brands?
Ashley Graham, Hips and Curves, Ann Summers and Ashley Stewart. All of these brands know how to make me feel the sexiest in lingerie. The cuts are correct, and the designs are stunning.


What are your “must have” beauty products (hair, skin care, makeup, etc.)?
HAIR: Olive oil Replenishing Pack, Shea Moisture Shampoo & Leave In Conditioner
SKIN: Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Cleanser, Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, Sephora Ginseng Mask
MAKEUP: Milk Highlighter Stick (LIT), LA Girl Pro Concealer


What do you hope the fashion and beauty industry will either add or improve on?

I’m so ready for women of color and plus size bodies to stop being a fad. We are not going anywhere, nor are we a token. We are real, we are beautiful, and we deserve to be represented and acknowledged. I think we as women of color and curves have been calling to the fashion industry for a long time to take the necessary strides to being truly diverse, and representative of more than a bias ideal. It’s time, it’s been time. I would really love to see the compartmentalized mentality of plus and mainstream completely dissolved, but I feel like we have such a long way to go.