Passion Jonesz is a YouTube star known for her fashion hauls and love for Fashion Nova. Her style is sexy, and will inspire any curvy girl to show off her shape. Plus, Jonesz’s style is always complimented with a flawless face and a fresh manicure.

She exudes confidence that is contagious when simply watching her YouTube videos and scrolling through her Instagram page.  

ESSENCE caught up with Jonesz to find her favorite fashion, beauty, and style must-haves. Check it out! 

ESSENCE: What are your favorite fashion and beauty brands for curvy women?
Jonesz: My absolute favorite brand for curvy women has to be Fashion Nova at the moment because their range of styles for the curvy body is out of this world! You can find anything from butt-hugging jeans to cocktail dresses. It’s my go to fashion site.

ESSENCE: What do you say to curvaceous women that say and/or think that nothing looks good on them?
Jonesz: I would have to say to my curvy women to stop thinking you have to look a certain way to wear what you want. I say wear it! Nine times out of ten that piece that your complaining about looks beautiful on you.

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ESSENCE: When did you learn to accept your curves or have you always?
Jonesz: Being in elementary school was when i had to accept my body and newly developed curves because I was bullied for developing early — so I thank God I was given the chance at confidence at such an early stage in my life. But, of course, getting older and viewing the world differently and being told what was “beautiful” I took on being comfortable in my skin more fiercely to fight against the assumptions and belittlement of thicker bodies. 

ESSENCE: What’s something you think curvy women should have in their closet?
Jonesz: A curvy woman — or any one for that matter — should always have a good pair of high-waist shape wear panties. They are seamless and they smooth out the tummy area beautifully in dresses, jeans, skirts you name it. Also they do not take away from your curves which a lot of shape wear can tend to do kind of giving you a boxy shape and of course they are crazy comfortable.

ESSENCE: Where do you find your style inspiration? Who is your style icon?
Jonesz: That is a hard one! I would have to say my style inspiration at the moment would have to be Demi Dorsey (@demidorsey on IG) He is a beast putting outfits together and I get very inspired by his work. I literally stalk his IG for inspiration it’s crazy. 

ESSENCE: What’s your favorite fashion staple/timeless piece? 
Jonesz: My favorite fashion staple piece would have to be a good fur coat. Fur coats last a lifetime and they’re just nice to have in your wardrobe.

ESSENCE: What’s your favorite pair of going-out heels and everyday flats?  
Jonesz: I don’t have a particular shoe brand because I love to shop everywhere for shoes. My favorite stores for shoes would have to be : urbanogcom, amiclubwear, boohoo, shoedazzle, justfab, gojane and lolashoetique

ESSENCE: What’s your best fashion or beauty investment?
Jonesz: I would have to say the best fashion investment to make is buying bras. Your wardrobe needs bras from strapless, to t-shirt even to plunge there will be a day where you have to pull out that particular bra to pull your whole look together. 

ESSENCE: Do you have any favorite lingerie brands?
Jonesz: I LOVE shopping on Yandy for lingerie. They offer a wide range of sexy pieces for so many body types! I’m here for it.

ESSENCE: Any must-have beauty products?
Jonesz: My MUST have beauty product would have to be Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel. It leaves your skin beautiful, supple and clear. This is a must if you are a heavy makeup wearer because it would tone and bring your skin back to health after wearing your makeup all day. 

ESSENCE: What do you hope the fashion and beauty industry will either add or improve on?
Jonesz: I would love for the day EVERY retailer and brand to carry more sizes *talking to you Victoria secret* it would just make shopping a lot more easier for my curvier, heavier followers because I feel heartbroken when I receive messages from these beautiful women who would love to dress their ass off but can’t because the store they would like to shop from only caters to a certain size/shape group. The fashion industry has taken steps but more steps will have to be made to make a bigger and stronger impact.